Cold Blast Not Lasting Long


If you're already sick of these cold temps, consider yourself's not lasting long.

Officials at the Hastings National Weather Service say we're on the Western edge of this cold weather system that's impacting the Eastern part of the United States.

Systems over both the Pacific and the Atlantic is pushing down the arctic blast from the North, but what makes this cold weather so brutal isn't necessarily the air temperature.

"You can have significant temps below zero but with no wind it's tolerable. That doesn't mean it's not life threatening," said Meteorologist Jeff Halblaub. "But when you add the wind components in that's what significantly reduces the thin layer of warmth on our skin, and that's what becomes life threatening, so once you combine extreme cold with winds that's what becomes most dangerous."

He adds the coldest temps will be daybreak Monday morning with the windchill between 20–35 below zero, but warmer air will slowly fall back into place and be closer to normal by the end of the week.