Dangerous Cold Concerns Animal Control


As temperatures dip to dangerouslevels, Animal Control is checking on those left outside.

"It's very possible that youranimal could die outside in this kind of weather," said Hall County AnimalControl Officer Alyssa Nesiva.

On Monday, the owner of a husky waswarned after officers found him near a tiny kennel with frozen water and asmall blanket.

"If they're just on the concrete,we've seen dogs literally be frozen to the ground," said Nesiva.

Jibral Joncilec, of Grand Island, hasbeen watching his dogs closely.

"I try to put some hay and coverthe kennel with some tarps and try to keep checking the water," he said.

"Water is going to freeze veryfast so you need to be out there often checking water for them," saidNesiva.

Some dogs saw five gallons of waterfreeze in two hours Monday.

Still, Hall County Animal Controlofficers aren't getting many calls.

"It does concern us a little bit.We usually expect it to blow up when it gets cold," said Nesiva.

They hope it's a sign pet owners aretaking precautions, not that people just aren't reporting animals left indangerous conditions.

Officers say if you see an animalwithout food, water or protection from the elements, call them immediately.

Usually the pet owner will get awarning, but on days like Monday, Nesiva said they're more likely to take youranimal just to keep it safe.

Hall County Animal Control can't dowhat they call "welfare checks" after hours; so they encourage you tonot wait to report.