College Fair Helps Prepare High Schoolers for Future


The school year is almost through, but many students are thinking about what comes next in their educational career.

UNK and Education Quest Foundation teamed up for their first spring college fair Sunday.

The event brought many colleges from Nebraska and surrounding states to one place. The schools represented included technical schools, state colleges and universities.

While colleges tend to compete for new students, this event is all about helping them.

"Having so many people here and they really try to grab your attention and just keep your attention," said Grand Island junior Morgan Montgomery. "They tell you all of the good parts and they give you a lot of information of what you need to know."

"We're used to doing this kind of thing and coming together because it's all about one thing -- higher education -- and students going on to whatever school," said UNK's Admissions Director Dusty Newton. "Everybody wants the best for their students, so having us all here is a great way for them to find out about all of us."

Forty-five colleges showed up for Sunday's college fair, which is planned to be an annual event.