College Grads Should Remain Positive When Job Searching


It's graduation season and that also means job searching season. While the economy may be making it harder for young grads to find work, there are still things to look forward to.

The unemployment rate has come down and the market has gotten better, but with a fierce job market, many college grads know they have their work cut out for them. However, there are ways to ease the transition from college into the "real world."

"We often encourage students to do things like informational interviews where if someone has a job you're interested in, contact them, sit down and talk with them about what they like about their job and how they got into it," said Aaron Estes, the assistant director of University of Nebraska at Kearney's Academic & Career Services.

"Let them learn a little bit about your goals and that's a way to begin making contacts that are specifically in the field that you are trying to get into," Estes continued.

Estes adds that looking for a career–level job is a full–time job in itself, so you must invest your time and effort.

Students and advisors offer different tips, but all seem to have a reoccurring key message for college grads: your attitude plays a big part in job searching and it's important to remain always positive.