Color Stampede


The Loper Color Stampede is a 5K fun run that focuses more on the fun part than the run part. So for those out there that say running is boring this colorful run will change that point of view in a stride. At each kilometer mark there will be a color station so by the end of the 5K run each participant will be their own walking/running work of art!

Who can participate in the Loper Color Stampede?

We want you and all of your friends and family to come out and participate in the Loper Color Stampede! People of all ages including children are encouraged to or rather dared to get colored. However, we do understand that some friends or family members may not be as daring as you, so invite them to come along and watch you get colored. They will see how much fun the Loper Color Stampede is, and will surely not want to miss the event next year.

What is the color made of?
The magical color powder we use is custom manufactured and produced right here in the United States. It is made from food-grade quality cornstarch using an advanced manufacturing process that has been custom developed for color events such as the Loper Color Stampede. It is non-toxic, 100% safe, and biodegradable. As with any substance, you will want to keep it out of your eyes and lungs. If you are overly sensitive, you may want to wear glasses or goggles for your eyes and use a bandana or dust mask for your mouth. (This is especially recommended for our younger runners/walkers)

Race Details:
Date: April 7th, 2013
Where: Dryden Park, Kearney NE

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