Colorado Woman in Need of 4 Organs, Looking for Donors


Molly Pearce is anextraordinary 24-year-old Colorado woman in need of four organs to survive.

She is currently at University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha awaiting a privatefamily/donor to come forward to donate the gift life time- 4 organs- (a kidney,pancreas, small intestine and liver).

The Flood Sisters Kidney Foundationof America is a non-profit kidney foundation based out of New York City. The foundation is working to help find someone that can save Molly's life.

Molly was born with Hirschsprung's disease, a congenitaldisorder that affects the large intestine (colon) and causes problems withpassing stool.

She was given a kidney by her mother in 2007, but it was rejected. At theage of 13, she received a small intestine transplant. However, about a month ago,doctors explained to her that they would have to remove all her organs due tothe rejection/infection.

She is now on the National Waiting List for all fourorgans to become available from an 'O' donor which could take years.

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