Committee Kills Prenatal Care Repeal Bill


LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- Lawmakers have halted an attempt to repeal state-funded prenatal care for the unborn children of illegal immigrants in Nebraska.

The Legislature's Health and Human Services Committee voted 6-0 to kill the measure, with one lawmaker abstaining.

Sen. Charlie Janssen, of Fremont, introduced the measure after the Legislature voted to restore the benefit last year. The issue sparked a contentious debate among lawmakers, who approved it after narrowly overriding Gov. Dave Heineman's veto.

Janssen says he was disappointed with the vote. He says he introduced the measure in part to show Nebraska residents where their particular state senator stood on the issue. Term limits have brought 10 new lawmakers into office.

Janssen says he believes that most Nebraskans remain opposed to the benefit at taxpayer expense.