"Commodity Carnival" Comes to Adams County Fairfest

How do farmers know when the "Price is Right"? They play not "Plinko" but "Pig-linko".

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange has turned commodity markets into a carnival touring county fairs.

Youth in 4-H facilitate games to educate kids about what it takes to break even on the farm.

Kory Heier of Kenesaw said, "I don't think they understand how much it costs to feed animals and put meat on the table at the end of the day."

"I think they couldn't believe the amount of money you put into it," 4-H member Bailey Hinrichs added.

Visitors to Adams County Fairfest can check out the Commodity Carnival this weekend. It'll be in North Platte later this month for the Lincoln County Fair.

The interactive exhibit consists of a couple of games for kids to play, to learn the process of producing hogs and what it takes to break even.