Community Garden an Opportunity for Apartment Residents


Dozens of businesses, leaders, and groups in Grand Island are celebrating their partnerships in opening the city’s first community garden.

Two city council members came up with the idea last year, but weather hindered progress. This year they enlisted the help of the Community Youth Council, and thanks to their efforts, eight families will be tending their own garden plots over the summer.

Council member Linna Dee Donaldson says everything for the project was donated and cost the city nothing. She and council member Julie Henke cut a ceremonial hose to officially open the Cherry Street Community Garden on Wednesday.

CYC member Hannah Price says the garden lets people living in the Cherry Park Apartments next door have something they normally wouldn’t without living in a house or on acreage.

“It builds friendships, builds community, it would be a healthier option than going to fast food, you can grow your own food, your own flowers, whatever you’re interested in using for the garden,” said Price.

The land was given by the owner of Super Bowl located just to the south.

Gardners had to apply for the 10x10 plots. The city hopes to have more community gardens in the future.