Community Members Taking Steps To Help Village Strive


The village of Hayes Center boasts just over 200 people, so members of the community are teaming up to help the village thrive.

For the past four years, a village improvement board has helped raise money to improve places like the American Legion and the city park.

Officials say it's important for small communities to promote themselves, especially given their proximity.

"We're working on how to bring new people into the community," said school superintendent Ron Howard. "But when you're isolated like we are I think it's every bit as important as bringing people in is making sure we keep the people that are here."

"Driving through town you want to see a town that is being updated, you know, keeping things current. You don't want to drive through and see a rundown building here and see a rundown building there," said village improvement board member Michelle Lapp. "So I think the improvements we've made have aesthetically helped the buildings and the community of Hayes Center.

The improvement board's latest venture is helping the volunteer fire department buy new equipment, with their goal to raise another $35,000 which would bring their four year total to $100,000.