Company Takes Grand Island to New Heights


The air medical transport company, Lifeteam, is taking their service to new heights.

The company provides air transport service all across the region including McCook, Wichita and as of 8 a.m. Friday morning, Grand Island.

Flight nurses like Michael Von Ruler are excited to be a part of this new location. Ruler has been working in the medical field for years and he says flying 500 ft. in the sky doesn't bother him at all.

"I worked construction as a young kid," Ruler said. "I was crawling around on roofs and I've just never had a fear of heights."

Ruler is one of the many employees that will work with the helicopter. The Bell 206 Longranger will cover a 90 mile radius around the city.

This new location in Grand Island allows Lifeteam to work with 30 hospitals and 168 agencies in the area.

"The typical scenario that might be is they're on an interstate, we get a call on I-80 for a car wreck, and we're going to be rolling out in tandem along with them," said Michael Johnson, director of program development. "We don't need to know if there's a critical patient. All we need to know is if there's somebody that might need help."

Teams consist of a paramedic, flight nurse and pilot with each crew working a 24–hour shift.

Life team says they will use this helicopter about 30 times a month.