Computer Store Smash and Grab Caught on Video


Smash, grab, and gone. Faster than a game of Angry Birds on an iPad, thieves steal Apple tablets and it's all caught on camera.

Computer Hardware store manager Brandon Shuck described what he saw when he reviewed the video, "Busted out the window, they didn't even unlock the door."
Security video shows three men in dark hoodies make quick work of the Grand Island computer store, located along Highway 30, just west of Webb Road.
Shuck said, "From looking at the footage, they knew exactly what they wanted to do. They shattered the window and started loading it up in a bag.'
And what they wanted were iPads, that's what employees at Computer Hardware believe.
The first man through the window smashed the iPad display case. The entire stock was wiped out. Another grabbed power supplies and accessories hanging on the wall, while the third suspect walked to the back of the store. Shuck surveyed the damage, finding "We have 21 iPads, 11 computers, four Apple TVs and miscellaneous chargers, stuff like that." That's easily $20,000 worth of stuff, not to mention a trail of broken glass that covered the floor Monday morning as employees inventoried what was left, including a broken computer laying next to a hunk of concrete.
"They didn't realize it was plugged in, it fell to the floor, cracked and shattered," Shuck said.
Police are watching to see if the stolen goods show up for sale online or in pawn shops, or through other avenues.
The best evidence may be the video, although the men's faces are tough to make out.
The crime took place early Monday.
"1:58 in the morning, they were done by 2:00," Shuck said. "Real fast."
Five people were arrested in two unrelated burglaries over the weekend in Grand Island. Both cases may involve suspects who may have known their victims. Arrests were made in those cases before this took place.

The store hopes a tip from the public will break the case.