Post Office Changes Coming Soon


Mail service will soon be changing all across the country, thanks to Congress.

The new spending bill passed by Congress makes it a requirement for six day mail delivery; however, last month the U.S. Postal Service announced a switch to five day delivery in an effort to save money.

"It's important the Postal Service be allowed flexibility to cut costs and generate revenue," said USPS Regional Spokesman Brian Sperry. "Asking Congress to be able to do that six day package five day delivery is one way we're doing that."

Bills and letters will be delivered like normal Monday through Fridays with only packages delivered on Saturdays.

"I think it's one of those unfunded mandates. I don't know where the money would come from and the post office is losing money, so to require them to spend more money doesn't seem to make sense to me," said Christine Chasek.

"I suppose whatever works out in the post office's benefit, I suppose whatever they need to do to make it so they can keep delivering the mail," said Erik O'Brien.

"I don't want the post office to lose money necessarily, but really believe there's lots and lots of people who get mail on Saturday," said Jamie Alcorn.

Delivery service would include Priority mail for five days and packages on Saturdays and post offices would continue to be open on Saturdays for those with P.O. boxes.

This will become official once President Barack Obama signs it into law.