Congressman Adrian Smith Releases Campaign Statement

Rep. Adrian Smith

Congressman Adrian Smith won the spot to represent Nebraska's Third District in the House with 74 percent of the votes. He release this statement following his win:

"I am honored and grateful to the people of the ThirdDistrict for the responsibility and trust they have given me to continuerepresenting them in the U.S. House of Representatives. I congratulate MarkSullivan for his willingness to engage in the electoral process. Theexchange of ideas is good for our country.

"I thank my family and friendsfor their unwavering support and encouragement. I also thank my staff and themany volunteers whose tireless efforts made tonight's victory possible. We areat a pivotal moment in our history, and I look forward to continuing to serveNebraskans and working to get America back on track."

He then went on to say in a separate statement:

"The results of yesterday'selection confirm Nebraskans are ready to make the difficult decisions tosave our nation from bankruptcy, rein in the size and scope of the federalgovernment, and unleash the private sector to boost economic growth andjob creation. I look forward to working with Senator-elect Fischer tomake these reforms as we represent the people of Nebraska.

"While I would have preferred a different outcome in thePresidential election, I remain committed to working with the Nebraskadelegation, the President and all of my colleagues to find common groundand serve the best interests of our nation."