Congressman Smith Votes 'Yes' on "No Budget, No Pay" Bill


Congressman Adrian Smith voted Wednesday to require both chambers of Congress to pass a budget resolution or not be paid until one is passed.

The bill, passed by the House, would suspend the debt ceiling allowing the Treasury Department to borrow new money for at least four months, but only with the no-pay stipulation in the bill.

The bill is called "no budget, no pay," and has to face the Senate and President before final approval.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said the Senate wouldpass the House bill and the President said he would not oppose the measure ifit reaches his desk.

Following the vote Wednesday, Rep. Smith said, "Passing a budget is among the most basic functions ofgovernment, yet the Senate has not fulfilled this responsibility in nearly fouryears."

He added, "The House cannot act alone to addressour long-term fiscal challenges, and I am hopeful the Senate will now join usin making the difficult but necessary decisions to reduce spending."