Construction Resumes on New Kearney Hospital


After being put on hold in 2009, construction has resumed on the new Kearney Regional Medical Center.

Once completed, the physician–owned facility near Yanney Heritage Park in southwest Kearney will be the second hospital in the city.

The more than $20 million project began almost four years ago, but hit a few speed bumps when the project lost funding, and the Nebraska legislature passed a law putting a two–year moratorium on any new hospital construction in the state.

Local physician and spokesman Sean Denney says this is an exciting time for the Kearney community.

"This is going to be a locally–run and managed healthcare facility, which I think will be a wonderful thing," he said. "The other thing that happens anytime you have increased availability of healthcare services is it brings the price point down across the board, too. And so I think that from a patient and business perspective regionally and locally, there's nothing but positive things that happen when that occurs."

The hospital's exterior is completed, and crews are hard at work finishing up the interior work.

The project is expected to be done in August.