Conviction Affirmed in Attempted Kidnapping Case


A man convicted of attempting to kidnap a teenage boy has had is conviction affirmed by the Nebraska Court of Appeals.

Jose Llerenas-Alvarado was sentenced to 10-15 years after pleading no contest to an attempted kidnapping charge. Llerenas-Alvarado then tried to withdraw his plea before his sentencing.

He told the court he was not advised that his conviction could lead to his deportation. The appeals court disagreed, saying he had been told twice in previous hearings that he could be deported if found guilty.

Authorities say Llerenas-Alvarado propositioned the boy in 2011 in Newman Grove. When the boy refused, Llerenas-Alvarado forced the teen into his car, drove out of town and attempted to assault the boy. The teen broke one of his arms while escaping.