Cozad Library Hopes New Art Will Draw More People


The Wilson Library in Cozad dedicated a new bronze statue on Saturday. It will be the centerpiece of statue garden they're planning, which they hope will bring more people through their doors.

This one is dedicated to former library board member Red Davenport, who died last year.

His wife says her husband loved reading.

"Loved the library and was an avid reader so for memorials for other people, he always gave to the library to buy books," said Ila Davenport. "We have done some bushes outside and several things at the library, so we thought this would be very fitting."

"The outdoor garden just gives yet another reason to come to the library," said library director Laurie Yocom. "We really strive to make our library a gathering place for the community."

More kids are gathering for the library's summer reading program. Yocom says they have 100 more participants this year than they did last year.