Cozad Restaurant Burglarized


Cash was taken from a small restaurant in Cozad and 19 vehicles were also broken into.

"I was mad. I was ready to leave and drive up here immediately," said co-owner of Sweet N More describing his feelings upon hearing about the robbery.

Anger continued to mount after the small Cozad restaurant was stripped of cash in the early morning hours on Tuesday.

"Pure frustration," said Steven Frazier, co-owner of Sweets N More.

Cash and cigarettes were taken from Sweets N More and the thieves left the place looking like a tornado hit it.

"They dumped pennies all over the floor, they trashed everything, they pulled all the papers from under the door," said Sweets N More employee Kathy Vryck.

The thieves also took money from a jar on the counter meant for the local charity "CLOTHE 'EM".

The restaurant has only been in Cozad for just over a year.

Cozad police are still looking for the thieves if you have any information you are urged to call the Cozad police at 308.784.2366 or the Dawson-Gosper County CrimeStoppers number at 1.800.652.7383.