CPI Explains About New Seed Developments


With farming conditions changing every year, agriculture companies such as CPI are constantly working to adjust.

One of the big adjustments made is in seed for producers. For example, there will be quite a few new corn hybrids andsoybean varieties for next year.

One of the main focus for growers that havedryland crops will be the bigger lineup of corn hybrids that can handle droughtstress better. With the recent dry conditions, there is a lot of grower interest in those select hybrids.

There will also be new things happening in seed treatments.

CPI seed coordinator Jon Botsch says most of the seed they have treatedhas been soybeans and wheat seed, but he says that is changing due the amount ofnew products coming out, some of which will be for corn treatment too.

CPI is changing its seed treatmentname to Force Field. There will be one each for soybeans, wheat and corn. Eachwill have different ingredients, designed for that specific seed that may change from year to year as the best possible product is produced.

These seed treatments will protect the seed and seedlings fromdiseases, insects and have growth promoters.

For more information, contact your local CPI agronomist.