CPI Expo Celebrates Co-Op's Billion Dollar Year


For further proof we live in a global marketplace, a local farm co-op looks to China and looks to the future here at home. The CPI Expo provided farmers a chance to learn about what's new in agriculture and learn what's new with the farmer-owned co-op.
CPI passed a billion dollars in sales this year and prepares to handle more grain in the future. Board Chairman Bruce Favinger said, "We've had good growth. Some of that's due to prices of commodities but a lot is due to increased business and some mergers and acquisitions but it's the company providing what patrons need and patrons responding." For a company based in Hastings, the world is the marketplace -- even China.
The co-op's CEO Bob Fifield addressed shareholders, saying the world is growing and that creates opportunities for farmers that CPI wants to be in position to take advantage of.