CPI Shows "Enduring Strength" Through Strong Sales and Challenges at Co-op


Enduring strength was the theme as one of the nation's top farm co-ops reflected on a billion dollars in sales, but also topsy turvy markets, even internal fraud.

Cooperative Producers Incorporation, or CPI, held its annual Ag Expo in Hastings on Tuesday.

The company honored its farmer-owners with a meal and farm show, along with the annual meeting.

The co-op again surpassed a billion dollars in sales, but faced challenges along the way, according to CEO Bob Fifield.

He said, "With the strength of our balance sheet, we had some things this year with drought, inverse markets, some fraud that went on within our company, again, because of the strength of our company, we endured and are coming out the other side stronger than ever."

Fifield says CPI is built on a solid foundation and continues to improve facilities from its elevators to convenience stores.