Red Cloud CPI-Lansing Facility Receives 3 OSHA Violations


CPI-Lansing, LLC. has $144,400 proposed in fines by OSHA after one of its facilities in Red Cloud was cited for three safety violations.

Charles Adkins, OSHA's regional administrator, says the company allowed workers to enter grain bins while sweep augers were operating. The practice is considered dangerous, and in some cases has led to serious injuries and death.

OSHA regulators also say the company did not lock out the energy sources of mechanical equipment when the workers entered the bin, and didn't ensure that workers were using a body harness and lanyard while inside.

The facility is question is a different one than CPI's grain elevator in Red Cloud. The CPI-Lansing facility is a subsidiary of Cooperative Producers Inc., based in Hastings.

The partnership-run location provides storage and drying of grains, such as corn, beans and milo.