Crane Festival Focuses on All Wildlife Along Platte River


A longstanding conference focuses on keeping those popular Sandhill cranes around.

Those taking in the migration were also given the opportunity to learn about other birds and wildlife unique to the Platte River during the 43rd annual Audubon's Nebraska Crane Festival.

With lectures and activities for kids, this event focuses on conservation, stressing the responsibility the community has to the annual migration.

"The work that we're doing here on the river and in this community -- the Kearney, Minden, Gibbon and everybody in here -- all of this community is making a difference protecting and preserving the Platte River for this migration that really is not going to remain without all of us working towards it," said Audubon's Rowe Sanctuary Director Bill Taddickan.

Events of the festival included field trips, the Wild Experience Room and booths from different Audubon related organizations throughout the state.