Create Some Forever Flowers with Garden Art


Add a few year round nomaintenance perennials to your landscape by converting discards and antiquesinto beautiful works of art.

This trio of flowers made from an old propeller and an assortmentof mechanical parts is nestled into the garden bed.

The nearby plantings help connect the artwork to the landscape.

And, no this isn't a bottle tree.A closer look reveals the blue petals and reproductive parts of aflower.

Convert old bicycle wheels into colorful flowers. Fill the spokes with translucent glassplates. Attach a bird feeder for yourfeathered friends.

And these ever blooming blue bells are just overturned blue votivecandles on posts.

Old edgers create the look and feel of allium flowers, adding yearround interest to this natural planting.

Extend the color of your real flowers with a bit of flowerpaint. Select subtle colors that mimicreal flowers for a more natural look, orbreak out intense colors for a more eye-catching piece of living art.

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