Creating Shared Borders


Get rid of the fence dividing yoursand your neighbors' yards. Insteadcreate a beautiful garden you both can enjoy.

Theseneighbors did exactly that. Thisattractive garden spans two yards. Bothhomeowners decided to join forces and create a shared garden for their mutualenjoyment.

Thelarge bed spanning two properties makes both yards appear larger. They createda sense of unity by repeating textures and colors. Though they blended their styles andpreferences, they let their personalities shine with their plant selection,arrangements and design.

Andboth went green by sharing a compost bin. This simple wire bin is tucked amongst the garden, out of sight yet easyto access.

Theytook this idea one step further by positioning their vegetable gardens next toeach other. They kept the functionalparts of their landscape convenient.

Createfriendly borders if you prefer not to share your gardening space or need afence for privacy and security. Plantvines, ornamental shrubs and perennials on both sides of the fence or hedge. They soften and beautify these structures forall to enjoy.

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