Creative and Effective Garden Edging


Keeping plants in bounds and upright can be challenging and oftenunsightly. Get creative and put discardsand antiques to work for you in the garden.

Old chairs are a popular planter, but how about converting one ormore into a support for tall plants within or at the edge of a garden bed.

And these old garden bench ends found a second life in thisgarden.

Inverted blue wine bottles invite you down this path. They create a physical edge for the gardenand contrast nicely with the yellow flowering sedum.

The headboard of an old junior bed is a focal point in this gardenand support for the surrounding tall perennials.

Parts of an old tractor mark the edge of this garden whilepreserving a bit of history.

And don't discard that old bowling ball. Collect several from friends, family, andgarage sales to create a fun garden edge.

Break out the shovel anddig in for a more informal and less showy edging. Use a sharp spade to cut straight down intothe soil at the edge of the planting bed. Then move to the other side of this edge and use your shovel to create ashallow v-shaped trench around the garden.

Compost the grass and soil removed when digging. Then fill the trench with mulch for a neatand tidy appearance and easier mowing.

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