Creston Woman Pleads No Contest to Child Abuse Charges


A 42-year-old Creston woman has reached a plea deal with prosecutors and has been convicted of felony child abuse.

Janelle Gertsch was scheduled to begin trial on June 18, but instead pleaded no contest to three counts of felony child abuse after prosecutors dropped two other counts in exchange for her plea. Her sentencing has been set for July 19.

Prosecutors say Gertsch and her boyfriend, Larry Einspahr Jr., abused her 12-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter on multiple occasions.

Einspahr was sentenced to 30 to 36 months in prison last month after pleading no contest to two counts of negligent child abuse.

Gertsch had adopted the two and another child but has since divorced the man she was married to at the time. Officials described the abuse as excessive discipline.