Crime Wave Hits Grand Island in Recent Weeks


The Grand Island Police Department has received around 30 reports of burglaries in just the last two weeks.

Sixteen of the burglaries reported were by businesses and 12 were reported as residential burglaries.

The stolen items range from items such as cash, jewelry, and other electronic devices to things taken from vending machines and safes.

GIPD is asking businesses to check their alarms and cameras to make sure they are in working order and ask that home owners lock everything up and report any suspicious activity to authorities.

They also advise that everyone lock their cars and don't keep anything valuable inside. If a criminal sees something of value inside the car a locked door may not be enough to stop an intruder.

It is also a good idea to keep track of valuable things with information such as the make. model and serial number.

The department would like to emphasize that if anyone sees anything that looks suspicious they should call911. Authorities ask residents not to worry about whether they areoverly cautious or not, they will check out any problems called in.

One way to help authorities figure out who is behind these crimes is to get as many details as possible when reporting suspicious activity.