"Critterman" Educates Audiences About Smaller Animals On African Continent


From the biggest animals to the smallest of insects...a program at Hastings Museum aims to prove that every animal in the food chain is important, even on the continent of Africa.

The "Critterman" entertained a large audience of kids and their parents with the smaller animals from the continent of Africa on Thursday night, animals such as a fox and a python.

The goal of this program is to share how important all animals are, not just the bigger species, and how we can all stay connected through the balance of life.

"Hopefully by meeting these animals they remember why they are part of this Earth and they are again inspired to want to do things to help protect these animals and places they live," said "Critterman" David Kleven. "We need this planet earth just as much as the animals do."

Thursday's program came after a showing of "Kenya: Animal Kingdom 3–D" showing the more familiar and known animals associated with Africa.