Crop Planting Continues to be Well Behind Last Year


Corn planting this spring continues to be well behind last year's numbers. As of now, 43 percent of this year's corn crop is in the ground compared to last year's average of 89 percent.

However, farmers are taking advantage of the break in wet spring weather, rushing to plant remaining crops before the next round of rain.

"One of the things that you learn about farming is that you never get the same year twice in a row," said farmer Dennis Gengenbach.

Although the constant change in temperature is something Dennis can't control, he said one thing he can control is the amount of help he gets to get the job moving. His greatest desire is to get more young people to come back to farming.

He said, "We're the changing of the guard, you look at doctors, professors and farmers and we're all getting older. We need a new generation to pick up where we left off and to make it that much better."

Isaac Kuck is one of the young farmers on Dennis' crew. The 26-year-old said farming is a lucrative business and doesn't plan on changing his ways.

"It's been interesting because my wife's from the city and she says that I work every day. I told her well it's really not work, it's the way of life and we don't treat it as work," Kuck said.

It's the younger generation that will carry on the fruits of labor for this flourishing industry.