CrossFit Offers Kids Workouts


Children as young as 4 years–old are joining the Cross Fit craze, and ‘Heartland CrossFit in Grand Island even has a long waiting list for the younger age group.

The workouts for kids and teens teach the youngsters lessons to use in everyday life.

Some want to do what their parents do, but the kids and teens version of CrossFit is not a scaled down version of its adult counterpart.

Jared Stockwell, co-owner of CrossFit Heartland in Grand Island explained, "Our kids classes are not as long as the adults."

The idea of kids lifting weights has been controversial in the past, but in 2008 the American Academy of Pediatrics revised its policy on weight lifting as research shows its safe for kids to start with light weights at the age of 8.

"We're fine tuning things. We start slow at the level that they're at, we don't go every day, we try to get a feel for what their exercise has been like this week or what will it be like this week (if they do sports in school) and we'll try to back off on some things. We also work on a lot of stretching and mobility things."

Many teens or preteens like 12-year-old Austin Smith said it helps with after school activities like baseball or football. Smith said, "It helps with stamina and I've been able to run faster and longer."

CrossFit is split into three categories: kids ages 4–6, which has no weight lifting; 7–12, which allows lifting of weights from 3-6 pounds; and a teenagers group.

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