Cruise Nite Alternative Activities Gain Popularity With Crowds


Some visitors may cruise into Kearney for the classic cars, but for many, the need for speed and raw horsepower is what brings them into town.

A quarter–mile long stretch of cars waited to enter Kearney Raceway Park Saturday afternoon to watch drag races – one of those Cruise Nite activities.

Speedway officials say they've seen growing attendance every year, with this being one of the biggest events to date.

"We're just thrilled, we're just so grateful that people still want to come out and see what we're doing out here," said KRP manager Al Simmons. "And it just culminates here at the drag strip with cruise weekend."

Meanwhile in north Kearney, between 200-300 spectators gathered to watch smoke fly at the fourth annual burnout contest.

Officials there say while Cruise Nite fosters the love of cars, many just love the raw power that comes with it.

"For some people it's fun to see that happen and it's exciting," said burnout sponsor Scott Foutch. "And it's just an area where it's not in the street, just a better place to have it."

Cruise Nite races continue Sunday at Kearney Raceway Park, and officials say burnout competitions will continue at future Cruise Nites as long as people continue to show up.