Cupcakes For A Cause


Cupcakes For a Cause took place in Kearney on Saturday and members of the community turned out to bake and buy thousands of cupcakes in support of an amazing charity.

This is the event's second year in Kearney, and the turnout was even bigger thanks to donated space from the Younes Conference Center in town.

The goal is to sell cupcakes and raise money for Project TLC. The money supports an orphanage in the Ukraine. Last year they raised over $2,500 to replace the windows in the orphanage.

This year the money is being sent to repair the roof and to go towards medical supplies and diapers.

Angie Thompson was an organizer for the event and had a fun inspiration for the idea to host a cupcake competition.

"I was actually watching cupcake wars on TV and thought, I don't think Kearney's ever done that before and that might be a unique event to try out and a fun way to raise money," she said.

Thompson said this year they raised over $3,000 for Project TLC and that the turnout was amazing.

Laura's Stoner participated in this year's event for the first time and, in light of the Veteran's Day holiday, used it as an opportunity to honor her brother Dustin who is serving in the military.

She and her mother dedicated the display to him and asked friends via Facebook to send them dedications to display on their table.

"People say ‘oh I have so and so' and ‘you know we could really put him in here.' So we just tried to get a variety of everyone and really wanted to include everyone so we have people from like WWII and who are currently serving," said Laura.

They heard about the event in church and thought it sounded like a great charity to support. She said the response she got from her Facebook friends was very positive and that she baked all day and brought 101 cupcakes to the competition.

The event should be back again next year for those who want to get involved. Organizers want to continue to host the event in Kearney and support the orphanage and they will be looking for even more volunteers.