Damage Reports In, Destroyed Books Out


Damage reports at UNK's campus library are filing in, as destroyed books are filed out. As of Thursday, school officials were moving their attention to damage inside the building. Authorities say roughly 6,500 books were damaged.

Faculty members were alerted around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday to the waters flooding into the library and Mitchell Center. At that time, they report that water was standing at about half-an-inch. Luckily, no computers in the building were damaged, except their university wireless system. The biggest damage was to the roof which will continue to be repaired.

Back inside, plastic sheeting will not come down until a later date, and officials are also looking at issues with the carpet as it too remains saturated. Even with maintenance in mind, authorities say students were their top concern.

"We had a priority to open as soon as we could. We are a few weeks away from finals week, and our students needed back in here so that we could help them out. That was our priority, and that is what we were working toward. As it turns out, we were closed only one day," said Janet Stoeger Wilke, dean of the library.

Wilke also reports that each library staff member has put in over 16 hours of work since Tuesday, and for a bad situation, everything is going smooth.

"What we found out was that water goes where water wants to go. We found things that we didn't expect to be wet because it wasn't an area that was saturated," shared Wilke. "[The situation] has been handled very well by everyone involved."

They are expecting to do many of the necessary repairs during the summer season.