Dane G. Hansen Museum


One man's love for his hometown led to the creation of a museum and arts center dedicated in his name.
You'll never be sure of what's going to turn up next at the {A href="" target=_blank}Dane G. Hansen Museum.
"We have a permanent exhibit, we have traveling exhibits, about every seven to twelve weeks we're switching exhibits," said museum employee Shirley Henrickson.
Named after one of the largest oil operators in Kansas, the museum remembers Dane Hansen's contributions to local history and the city of Logan, Kansas.
"He wanted his money first and foremost to be used for the town of Logan and that's why we're here is because of him and this building is in memory of him."
The museum shows what Hansen's office would've looked like, oriental art that Dane's sister Kate collected as a missionary in Japan, and art from all over the country that folks even speak to.
"They will talk to him just for a short amount of time and they will say,"Hi, how are you?,"
and then they realize that he's just pretty stiff and not very friendly and then they're embarrassed and look around to see who has been watching them," said Henrickson.
Every month the museum features a different artist's work, brings in several entertainment groups every year, hosts a Labor Day celebration, and fills the plaza with an annual arts and crafts fair.
"We have probably fifty crafters that come in, we have food vendors, we have an antique
tractor show, two entertainment groups, just a lot of fun."
Even though there's something new to see all the time at the museum, the Hansens left a legacy that's staying right in the middle of town.

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