Danger Head Works to Maintain Success, Expand League


Danger football kicked off their fourth season Monday.

They're one of the youngest team in the Indoor Football League, but also one of the most successful.

Just last week Danger owner Charlie Bosselman told Grand Island business leaders that this team could have been a real money loser.

But, since coming to G.I., the franchise has lead the league in merchandising and attendance.

On game day General Manager Mike McCoy checked everything from the sound booth to the table count.

What he's doing seems to be working.

"Most teams, it takes them about three or four years to really get their little niche going. We got our niche going in year two," he said.

In year three the team took the IFL's best franchise honor.

McCoy said there's no secret recipe for success. It includes keeping players happy.

"They can play much bigger markets so we have to do everything we can do to make their life here really, really good," said McCoy.

He said staff spent the off season trying to make every aspect of the team better. That includes where players live and what they eat.

The family atmosphere they've created seems to be working too.

The Danger returns 17 players this year. Many are singing the franchise's praises.

"We love you guys," said wide receiver Kayne Farquharson. "It's great to be a part of a first class organization from the Bosselmans to Mr. McCoy to the coaching staff."

All of them work year round to get the community involved in this venture. That's another key to success, according to McCoy.

Team members attended 109 events last year alone.

"Those appearances lead to groups of people that want to come in and watch these guys play," said McCoy. "It's no secret formula. It's just a lot of hard work."

That hard work is filling the stands of the Heartland Events Center.

The IFL is taking notice. McCoy now brings his expertise to the league level as director of Business Development. In that role, he wants to expand beyond the nine current teams.

"We just want people in our league that can grow and really get it as far as the business side as well," he said.

McCoy has already visited a handful of communities to see if they have what it takes to be a successful host.

The Danger took on the Lincoln Haymakers in their season opener.