Danger Mascot Face of the Tri-Cities

Bones -- the mascot for the Nebraska Danger football team -- is growing in popularity, and for the team based in Grand Island, that face has become a big part of the community.

Fans attended the first IFL Danger game Saturday evening. Many say they have been fans since the team's inception three years ago.

Charlie Bosselman, owner of the team, says he thought about the involving the community when he established the team..

"That's really why we do the whole thing is it's really a community involvement," he said.

He's always been a big fan of football and had the support of his father.

"Next thing you know, we had a contract then we were hiring coaches and moving forward."

Bones can now be found all over Grand Island as the mascot of Boss Shops and its restaurants and hospitality division.

Bosselman says although some teams have dropped out of the league, Danger is here to stay -- and so are the fans.