Dannebrog Celebrates Danish Christmas


If you would like to travel over the holidays but can't find the time, one Central Nebraska community may be the destination for you, and without even needing to leave the country.

Dannebrog kicked off its 22nd annual Danish Christmas Celebration on Sunday.

Each year the community comes together to celebrate their Danish heritage complete with authentic food, Father Christmas, and homemade gifts; and officials love how they can share that with others.

"I think just Dannebrog as a whole is a really good community for people coming together and having fun," said Danish Festival committee's Jeni Gibson. "And you know we're all able to celebrate on one day."

"So many of the smaller communities, the people who came in, made it a special place for their peoples, for their families, are no longer with us," said Dannebrog Booster Club member Gale Pemberton. "So we're lucky we still have a lot of the people who know the tradition."

Dannebrog's Christmas celebration included authentic meals, craft fairs, and appearances from both Father Christmas and Santa Claus.