Darcie Boman - November 2012

      November 2012

      Ms. Darcie Boman-Clay Center Public Schools

      Ms. Boman is a teacher who everyone would want to have. She's an
      OUTSTANDING teacher, especially in math. Before I had Ms. Boman, I
      struggled with math. It's now my favorite subject! She's very pretty and
      nice. No matter what time of the year it is, she always has an art
      project for us to do, since she knows kids need art too. That makes me
      excited for school because I like art! She's very trustworthy and easy to
      talk to. Ms. Boman has been working around school for about twenty-seven
      years. I love Ms. Boman, she's been one of the best, cool teachers I've
      ever had.

      Samantha J. Janda J

      6th Grade--Sandy Creek Elem. @
      Clay Center