Data Released from 2012 Ag Census


The newly released 2012 Census of Agriculture shows the number of farms in Nebraska grew 5 percent from the 2007 census.

As of 2012, Nebraska had just under 50,000 farms, however the amount of farmland in the state remained about the same at 45.3 million acres. The average farm size dropped about 5 percent from 2007 to 2012 to 907 acres.

Additionally, the census found the average age of farm owners remained unchanged at 56. However, the number of operators under 34 made a big jump, rising 42 percent to 4,747. Those over 65 rose as well, though only 1 percent -- reaching 13,177 farmers.

The report shows the number of Kansas farms decreased about 6 percent from the 2007 census, but the number of acres used for farmland remained about the same at just over 46 million acres.