Date Set for Hearing Regarding Voter Complaint


A hearing is scheduled to take place Friday, Jan. 18, to hear testimony regarding a 2012 voter complaint filed under the Help America Vote Act.

The complaint, filed by Adam Morfeld of Nebraskans for CivicReform, alleges that voters at certain precincts in Douglas County were deniedthe right to vote on Election Day when they were asked to provide a voteridentification number before receiving a provisional ballot.

Robert D. Kinsey, Jr., with the law firm of Kinsey Rowe Becker & Kistler in Lincoln, has been appointed to serve as thehearing officer for the proceeding.

Kinsey will receive testimony regarding the allegedviolation and review the relevant law. He will determine if any violationoccurred.

If that is the case, the hearing officer will issue recommendationsto the Secretary of State for remediation. If there is no violation, thehearing officer will issue a written finding dismissing the complaint.

The hearing will take place 1:30 p.m. on Friday, January 18, in Conference Room A, lower level of the State Office Building, 301Centennial Mall South.