Day Two of the Oldson Trial Brings in More Witnesses


Day two of the John Oldson cold case murder trial continued Wednesday.

The state continued to build their case against Oldson as more witnesses were called forward to testify in the case of the death of Cathy Beard.

Several key witnesses were called to the stand, including a man who worked with Oldson at the time of Beard's disappearance, and the woman who found Beard's remains three years later.

Larry Kittinger testified Wednesday that he was workingalongside Oldson on a masonry project in May of 1989. He said that a group of workers went out for drinks at "The Someplace Else Tavern" in Ord after work, on the day Beard went missing. He told the courtroom it wasn't long before Oldson and Beardwere both gone.

At work the next day, Kittinger said the men saw a copparked next to their job site, and when one of the other men asked what the officer couldbe doing there, Oldson allegedly said, "It's probably something Idid."

Three years later in April of 1992, Deetta Petska was walking down a dirt road in Ord when she came across part of a human skull.

She testified that she initially thought it was adeflated ball, but once she realized it was part of a skull, she contactedauthorities immediately. The skull fragment belonged to Cathy Beard.

The jury was shown graphic photos of Beard's remains, which were found not far from where the skull was discovered, Wednesday as experts and witnesses tried to piece together the events ofthat night in 1989.

One photo showed one of her finger bones, which was still wearing asilver ring that Beard's best friend described in her testimony Tuesday as a ring that Beard never took off.

The trial continues Thursday with more witness testimony, and is expected to last at least through next week.