Deadline Nears to Submit Ideas to Improve Nebraska


Nebraskans have the chance to submit ideas to to help make the state better for the NExt Generation.

The deadline for submitting ideas to the website is December 15. So far, around 400 ideas have been submitted.

Some Nebraskans that have already submitted ideas include former Husker football players Adi Kunalic and Blake Lawrence. "As a former Husker and current Nebraskabusiness owner, I am excited about the future of our great state," said Kunalic. "We needto find better ways to attract and retain young workers, leaders andentrepreneurs. Every Nebraskan should take a few minutes to submit theirideas for improving Nebraska."

Those interested in submitting an idea just need to sign up on the website, submit their idea, and then they have the opportunity to support other ideas and collaborate further if so desired.

Nebraskans may also submit their ideas viae-mail by first going to

The submitted ideas will be narrowed to the "100 Best," andultimately down to three to five "BigIdeas." These "Big Ideas" will have potential to positively transformNebraska. The Initiative's AdvisoryCommittee, in partnership with elected officials, state and local leaders andother partners, will then develop and execute action plans to implement these"Big Ideas."