Digging Out of The Storm


Although the storm's ten inches or more of snowfall was a pain for many today, they remained upbeat and positive, knowing that this greatly feared blizzard could have been much worse.

"My back's hurting, I've been moving snow for a few hours. I'm glad it's not what it was suppose to be." Said Darin Haight, Owner of the Breakaway Bar & Grill in Minden.

"I'm king of glad it wasn't as big as they'd thought it was going to be, it looks like it's going to be manageable at least, should be easy to clean up, shouldn't last too long." Said Minden Resident Dave Bunger.

With earlier forecasts showing potentially fifteen inches of snowfall, many across Central Nebraska are breathing a sigh of relief, as Friday night's snowstorm failed to reach it's dangerously high expectations, especially after an initial downpour of flurries quickly blanketed the area.

"Six O Clock is when it started snowing down here. I went home about ten thirty or so and it was getting pretty heavy by ten thirty. It was building up pretty quick, I was surprised how fast it rolled in." Said Bunger.

Today the mess left by the storm wasn't strong enough to keep people inside, as residents picked up their shovels and fired up their snow blowers to clear a path out and get on with their day.

"We try to get all the sidewalks cleared off and the city will come back around and they'll clear all the streets off and take care of all that for us." Said Bunger.

"We were joking about not opening if it was that bad and at four O clock I would decide and well we're out here moving snow. It's not that bad so we might as well open up. It's business as usual." Said Haight.