Divorce Rate Down in Nebraska


The latest census numbers show divorce rates in Nebraska are going down. In fact, they have been on a slow decline since the early '90s.

The report shows 6,307 divorces granted last year compared to 6,367 the year before.

Marriage counselor Carol Larson thinks the decline in divorce in the state could be economical, saying Nebraska is still catching up from the latest recession.

"People cannot afford divorce. People that own a home together, it's difficult for them to split apart when the value of the home is decreased," explained Larson.

Divorce attorney Heather Swanson Murray has had the same amount of clients for the past 17 years and points out a different trend.

"I have had in the last ten years or so an increase in longer-term marriages ending in divorce, and by long-term I mean ten years of marriage or longer," said Murray.

According to Larson, not as many people from the younger generations are getting married or they are waiting until later in life to get hitched. She believes the baby boomer generation is the one group getting divorced the most.

"As we see baby boomers, they're often going on second and third marriages. A second or a third marriage is less stable than a first marriage," she said.

Larson does not think this divorce decline will continue. She adds that the next census report may show a rise instead.