Doctors Continue to Urge Workers to Stand Up, Sit Less


A new study finds people who sit less,stand more and are physically active lead a much healthier lifestyle. Those whosit less reduce their risk for chronic diseases like heart disease anddiabetes, have less pain and a have a better overall quality of life.

Dr. Dermot Phelan of the ClevelandClinic said "when you exercise you need more blood flow, the heart has towork a little bit harder, but it has a lot more benefit. It dampens down inflammation;it dampens down the risk of depositing plaque in the coronary arteries."

Kansas state university researchersstudied the effects of physical activity on nearly 195,000 people ages 45 to106.

Researchers found higher levels ofphysical activity and lower levels of sitting time were positively associatedwith excellent health and quality of life.

Results also show sitting for longperiods of time appears to shut off a molecule that helps our bodies use energyit essentially slows our metabolism.

Researchers say even standing up orperiodically walking around the workplace or home helps. Anything that contracts our muscles and getsblood flowing can be beneficial.

Phelan recommended a regular exercise regimenthat can be easy to fit into most schedules.

He said "30 minutes a day, atleast 5 days a week" is ideal and for those who can't head to the gym it isstill easy to fit in.

Phelan said the routine "doesn't meanthat we have to go to the gym for 30 minutes in the day. Just a brisk walk andwe don't have to do it continuously- even doing 10 minutes three times a daywill work."

Researchers recommendsedentary office workers try a sit/stand desk to decrease the time they'resitting down.