Doctors Offer Tips For Good Heart Health

February is heart month, so it's an excellent opportunity to think about ways to stay healthy, but also take steps to prevent heart disease as well.

Doctors say that heart health can be as easy as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating better and exercising more. Activities like this can help stave off heart disease.

Health factors like high cholesterol, diabetes, or being overweight can increase the risks, but doctors say patients can take control now.

"The reality is 90 percent of the risk of a first heart attack is actually controllable risk," said Bryan Heart cardiologist Keith Miller. "And I can't emphasize that enough to people that you really have the power to take your own health into your control and have a large affect on what you're future is going to be where your heart health is concerned."

Doctors say people who may have health concerns need to have a general risk assessment by their physician.