Documentary Examines What It Means To Be A Husker Fan


Husker fans file into Hastings Museum; not to watch a game, but to get a glimpse into something unique about Nebraska's culture.

Through These Gates is a documentary examining what it means to be a Cornhusker fan.

The movie is a direct result of the filmmaker noticing that Cornhuskers are known, not only throughout the country, but internationally as well.

The loyalty isn't just contained within the sport of football, but spreads throughout the pride of the state.

"I think that being a Husker is so much bigger than the game of football, just our way of sort of shouting from the rooftops, this is who we are," said director, producer Ryan Tweedy. "But we're not saying 'I love football,' we're saying 'I love Nebraska,' that's the one thing about Nebraska you know, and so we're just going to use that, I think that's what it is."

"You're kind of born with it, and it always starts, typically always starts with your parents unless you marry into it," said's David Max. "And there's a lot, I meet a lot of people that were not Husker fans from different states and married a Husker fan and they became a Husker fan.

Screenings of this documentary are being shown all throughout the state.

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