Donations Help Oconto Family After Fire Takes Home


Ronald and Janelle Alspaugh and their children are left with only the clothes on their backs after an early morning fire destroyed their home Wednesday morning.

Over the past 24 hours people from all across central Nebraska have reached out, donating clothes and household items to this family of seven.

Thursday morning, boxes and bags of clothes along with food and basic essentials filled one Oconto business, Eggleston Oil.

Truckloads of items have been gathered and donations are still being accepted.

If you would like to help this family, call (308) 858-4400.

Fire officials were called to the Alspaugh home around 2 a.m. December 26 and worked to extinguish the fire all the way into the afternoon hours.

The family was able to escape the fire unharmed.

The fire is believed to have started at an exterior wall, but the cause of the fire is unknown.

The fire remains under investigation.

Sizes to replace clothing:

Ronald Alspaugh: pants-- 34x34; shirts-- XL
Janelle Alspaugh: pants-- 3 or 4; shirts-- M
Girl: pants-- 1 or 2 juniors; shirts-- S
Girl: pants-- 10/12; shirts-- 10/12
Boy: pants-- 5/6; shirts-- 5/6
Girl: pants-- 2t/3t; shirts-- 2t/3t